The way forward in “IT industry”

When a fresher asked me the way forward – Getting “Certification” or getting a “Mentor.” 

Either way, you have to learn something in life. The point is you can take years to do it, or you can learn fast, might as well just learn fast and get on to the big stuff.

I think getting a Mentor or Guru, is one of the best things that can happen to someone, but again it is the tough way forward.
You will reach your goal sooner; it’s like if you want to reach from point A to B, you have two ways, either you know how to swim or you hold on to a boat.


In ancient times, students used to go to Gurukul, A Gurukul (Guru refers to “teacher” or “master”; Kul refers to “family”.) The Gurukul is the place usually residential type, where the students learned from the guru and also helped the guru in his day-to-day life, including the carrying out of mundane chores such as washing clothes, cooking, etc. The education imparted thus, was a wholesome one. 

If you compare it with our office, you spend more time with your boss then with anyone else, it would be like getting the best of the world if you get a boss who is like your guru. Unfortunately, it is not a one-sided affair, which a lot of people don’t understand. If you want your boss to be your guru get ready to the Gurukul style by doing mundane chores.

Having a mentor, the result is better for two reasons. The first benefit is that learning by doing is free. You pay no tuition fees. So what is the catch? You have to be patient. You don’t have to be scared of not knowing.The Second benefit is you will reach there sooner, even after you learn you still have to please someone that you know it, whereas the other path is getting there by doing it, chances of success are higher Because you’ve done it, not just studied to do it.

I did almost 20 certifications,  in so many areas, I may think that I know a lot, but someone above my pay-grade does not know what I am capable of, that’s where is the gap.On the other hand, one of my colleague who never did a single certification is three levels above my pay-grade at the same age.

Guru understands that if he needs to be the Guru Drona, he needs Arjun’s or Eklavya’s.

My search of the Guru is still on..




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