What steps can Business Ops and Technology department take to achieve synergy and agility?

Primarily the Operations and the Technology departments are working in silos in any organization, both operations, and the technology has multiple global stakeholders requesting for product or process enhancement. It’s hard to get a holistic picture of the product issues for a product and the process manager due to the agility involved in the highly complex process and products.

The stakeholders share their strategic product “needs” directly with the technology for example in the case of any regulatory enhancement this would directly come as an enhancement request to the technology dept. Whereas what the business “wants” for example a report, or some data element on a screen comes from the operations user to the technology dept.

Creating efficient process is now a key concern for business managers and technology architects, and there is a need to respond to disruptive innovation in the Financial Services sector. The technology dept. needs to support growth and return to the emerging “customer centric” world versus the traditional “product-centric” view.

What is needed? And how?

  • Cost efficiency via standardization
  • Faster time-to-market through deployment of integrated and tested components
  • Better operational control and Transparency through operations tracking and built-in performance measure
  • Standardization and use of best practices for product development and process optimization. Various departments need to share their best practices and success stories with each other and share the utilities that could help in improving the overall process.

Ops n technology


To have a fully integrated product and process solution there has to be a constant feedback between the ops and the technology department. Both the ops and the product development should use the same tool for incident management to get the holistic picture of the current state of the business, ultimately both the business goals and the technology goals need to tie to each other.

Ops n technology3

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