Driving competitive advantage through Margin System

Future trends of Margin System 

  • By adopting this Integrated Margin Management framework, companies can drive competitive advantage by unlocking significant margin opportunities that were previously hidden, the use of sensitivity analytics and “What if” analysis features for getting the holistic picture of each counterparty positions
  • An understanding of the true drivers of margin and access to richer, more granular information about performance is essential to enable margin-focused decisions. Which includes effective liquidity and collateral position management.
  • Harmonize a diverse set of global operating entities and unlock global capability, scale and synergies to converge and standardize global processes, data and systems.
  • Developing a standard infrastructure to support these segregation requirements globally will be critical given the growth and complexity of segregated accounts.
  • Companies need to embed margin management with effective IM analysis and drill down for speedy dispute resolution.
  • Investment and central/external capacity fully leveraged to execute on margin opportunities and management of margin buffers more effectively
  • Margin initiatives balance cost reduction and value creation to provide a holistic response.

Based on the E&Y, KPMG and PWC research report

Showcasing all the core functional attributes of a Global Agnostic Margin System…




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