Future of Wealth management Platforms

The Customers don’t care about the platforms; all they care about is the services, experience and the reliability of the platform. 

Wealth management firms can no more compete on price, they are moving towards the value of outcome

Based on the key drivers of the wealth management business, below is the proposed business architecture for the wealth management firms in order to maintain the competitive advantage.

Forward thinking firms are combining both the client facing and back office technology to support multiple client and advisor segments


Making the customer experience and applying technology to improve it across various platforms would drive the long-term loyalty of the customer. The consistent customer experience across the various line of business is the key driver.

Wealth management firms struggle with silos of each product offering, as there is no integration with the front office to the back office application, making it difficult to maintain consistency – IBOR & PBOR solution would help them cover come the current problem

Apart from the customer wealth management advisory firms also needs real-time information and new ways of advisory life-cycle management, which would play an important role in getting more business and as the business grows, need to more sophisticated platform grows.

As the retail wealth management advisory models evolve to reflect increasing needs of the clients they bring more value added services to the clients, the firms at the same time need to keep a tap on the price of the wealth management platforms.

Today the clients are better informed and more technically capable than ever before, with the advances in consumer technology and the 24/7 news cycle enable seamless and almost limitless access to markets information to the clients makes it more and more difficult for the traditional wealth management advisory firms


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