About the Blog

What would you do if you had read and gain knowledge on some topic?

This question is something I have started asking myself a few months ago. My mission sounded simple at first: you share more, and you learn more, and in this process make sure that you simplify the most complicated things.

” If you can’t explain a thing to a 6-year-old, you haven’t learned it enough” – Albert Einstein

I was initially skeptical of Blogging

I had heard about the concept of blogging before but only over the cup of coffee to friends, which in my mind was “expressing yourself” on any giving topic. An Interesting way of communicating and meeting like minded people for sure, but was there anything more to it than that I was not sure?

It was not until I started blogging and researching some latest happening in various fields that I realized, what a great thing. Serious Blogging will take you to the core of your analytical brain cells helps to create a perspective. This simple, but makes you and instant hit if the content you write and research are good.

Then I joined the hype bandwagon

As I kept studying, I started to become an enthusiast myself as I realized how leaders, researchers, students, and companies use blogging, there have been new rules created in product companies for official product bloggers.

What’s most surprising to me, however, is that blogs bring up so many possibilities for improvement in the blogger as well as the community around him.

What topics I cover

How I look at this blog is a thought and knowledging sharing experience, mainly related to Investment banking, capital markets, new technologies, product management and business analysis.



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