Who am I ?

Hi there!!

I am on a voyage of learning new things and implementing what I have learned and sharing my views and learnings with others; I love interacting with people, giving training and getting training, and I think training is the best to enhance your knowledge and listen to different perspectives.

Success has No landmarks , No matter I will reach there later, But I will reach there stronger…

Currently, I am  working as a Product manager having over a decade of technology experience I am a person who is always willingness to roll up my sleeves to get the job done

Acknowledged for analyzing critical issues, create innovative solutions, and build an environment that is positive but aggressive that contributes to customer centric delivery.

Before moving to product management, I have played different roles as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Test Manager, Pre-Sales Consultant. As a product manager, I can utilize all those skills that I had learned over a period.When I moved to Product Management, I thought that this is a place to be.I feel like the conductor of the orchestra or a catalyst for growth of the organization

I started blogging few days back, and I think it is a great medium for meeting and interacting with like-minded people. As a human, you have to complete the full circle by giving back to society a part of what you got helping other evolve.

I love reading a lot, I love watching movies especially the stupid ones, as my intellectual hunger is satisfied by reading and interacting with like people, I am a die heart fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan, As a person, I like expressing myself and listening to others

I think that is me!!


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